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 MicroArt Makeup has been featured in the LA Times, Los Angeles Family Magazine, and countless beauty blogs and websites. MicroArt Makeup clients range from celebrity stylists, busy housewives, seniors, cancer survivors, active lifestyle women and even men. MicroArt™ is beautifying America one fabulous face at a time. Even those less fortunate deserve the benefits of beauty, so MicroArt™ gives back by contributing to numerous charitable organizations.

MicroArt Makeup in the Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times:

“The process is different from other permanent makeup tattoos because it uses a single acupuncture needle and mineral-based pigments that are healthier for the skin.”  – Los Angeles Times Click for MicroArt in the Los Angeles Times




MicroArt Makeup in Los Angeles Family Magazine

Los Angeles Family Magazine:

“Plastic surgery without the plastic. This new semi-permanent makeup procedure is less painful and has no down time. It’s like a tattoo with an acupuncture needle.” – LA Family Magazine Click for MicroArt in Los Angeles Family Magazine





MicroArt Makeup in Fashion rules!

Fashion Rules:

“Created by Beverly Hills makeup artist, Tanya York, Micro Art, Inc. can have you waking up with your makeup on – and your makeup stays on at the gym.”  Fashion Rules Magazine Click for MicroArt in Fashion Rules



MicroArt Makeup in Vital Juice


Vital Juice:

“A new procedure now launching in LA. If you’ve thought about tattoo makeup, consider this.  It costs a bit more than tattooing but precise lines seem worth it to us.” – Vital Juice Magazine Click for MicroArt in Vital Juice




Tanya York - MicroArt Makeup CEO - Entrepreuner magazine

MicroArt CEO Tanya York in Entrepreneur Magazine:

Click for Tanya York in Entrepreneur Magazine


 MicroArt Makeup is a break though semi-permanent makeup for the brows, lash line, Lips, scalp, areola and scars. The results are so natural that even men wear it. The procedure takes an hour and lasts up to 3 years with no downtime.

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