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The 10 Major Differences Between

MicroArt™ and Permanent Makeup



MicroArt™:  Natural, youthful looking results that last up to three years. As MicroArt gradually fades, it can be redone or touched up as the skin ages and styles change.

Permanent Makeup: Heavy, unnatural look with harsh colors that change over time, but can be removed with laser surgery or corrected with MicroArt™.





MicroArt™: Each pair of eyebrows are custom designed to achieve the optimal look, focusing attention on the eyes. Individual hairs are layered onto the skin, creating perfect results.

Permanent Makeup: Solid, unnatural line, colors often change, can only be corrected with laser removal or MicroArt’s camouflaging techniques.



MicroArt™: Precisely placed in the lashes, creating a fuller more natural appearance. 

Permanent Makeup: Thick line above lashes .




MicroArt™: Lips are shaped, lined and the color is enhanced and blended.

Permanent Makeup: Usually only lip liner, extremely painful on full lips.




MicroArt™: State-of-the-art technology. Costs $15,000, used only by licensed MicroArtists™. Features a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the outer layer of the skin for extreme precision.

MicroArt™ technology uses a single acupuncture needle as thin as a human hair that vibrates on the dermal layer of the skin 80 to 100 times per second. Therefore the results are extremely precise. This level of precision is obtained by using state-of-the-art equipment created exclusively for MicroArt™. As the acupuncture needle gently vibrates on the outer layer of the skin MicroArt’s™ nontoxic mineral-based pigments are absorbed.

Permanent Makeup: Uses standard tattoo equipment, which is available to purchase by anyone without training for $200 and up. Needle: 3 -14 heavy gauge needles are used simultaneously to aggressively puncture the skin.  

Because permanent makeup uses a standard tattoo gun, the process of penetrating deep into the skin to place these inks, which are often toxic, will often cause bleeding, bruising, scabbing, scarring and down time. This makes the procedure painful and the results harsh and unnatural in appearance.



MicroArt™ has a wide selection of colors that gradually fade over three years and do not change into other colors. Pigments are mineral based, non-toxic and cost ten times more than tattoo inks.

Permanent Makeup uses inexpensive tattoo inks which are sometimes toxic, can cause allergic reactions and often fade to orange, blue and green.




MicroArt™: Minimal discomfort (similar to waxing), no bruising, only slight swelling in some clients that disappears in about an hour. No down time.

Permanent Makeup: Extremely painful, heavy bleeding, scabbing and bruising often occurs. Swelling lasts for many days. Recovery time can last weeks.



MicroArt™:  Licensed by MicroArt and fully insured. MicroArtists™ complete an initial six month, full time intensive training with annual evaluation required for re-licensing. 

Furthermore, each MicroArtist™ has to meet all company standards before being licensed, which are the most stringent in the industry.

Permanent Makeup: Primarily non-regulated with little to no training. Self determined skill set with no continued education or licensing required. 

Permanent makeup training is not regulated by the state and training, if any, is only a few days at most. Their training, the tattoo inks used and the quality of their equipment all create the harsh look commonly associated with permanent makeup.



MicroArt™: Mineral based pigment colors are customized for each client to achieve the most flawless look.

Colors do not change over time and will gradually fade away if the client prefers, or can be refreshed and updated to the client’s desires with a simple MicroArt  touch up procedure. 


Permanent Makeup inks: Can be toxic and result in allergic reactions. The colors are unnatural and change over time into green, orange or blue.

Usually on the eyeliner, black inks change to blue or green. Over time, as the skin ages, people end up with a thick blue line that stretches and separates from the lash line as the delicate skin around the eyes age.



MicroArt™ lasts up to 3 years, so as the skin ages and fashions change, clients have the ability to update their style.

Permanent Makeup: Unnatural look that will add time and expense to correct with MicroArt™.



MicroArt™: Virtually none! No bruising, only slight swelling in some clients that disappears in about an hour. No down time.

Permanent Makeup: Extremely painful, heavy bleeding and bruising often occurs. Swelling lasts for many days. Recovery time can last weeks.



MicroArt™: $1,000 per area. Price includes: The design, the procedure, a second touch up procedure two weeks later to perfect the color and shape, and complete after care products. Price reflects superior quality pigments, equipment, training and final results.

Permanent Makeup: $100 and up. Cheaper alternative to MicroArt™ due to cheaper inks, equipment, unregulated training and licensing; all of which produce harsh results. 

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MicroArt Semi Permanent makeup is a proprietary technology perfected by our team of electronic engineers, cosmetic biochemists, and Founder Hollywood makeup artist Tanya York. The goal was to develop a makeup that could last for years on the skin, look more natural than makeup and eliminate all of the side effects of other forms of permanent makeup. After five years of development, MicroArt has now been enjoyed by thousands of people who fly in from around the world to get their procedure.

There are no other forms of permanent cosmetics like it. MicroArt utilizes cutting-edge equipment, custom blended mineral-based pigments and a system designed to ensure results so natural that even men wear it.