MicroArt Vitiligo Camouflage

MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup is extremely effective in camouflaging vitiligo. Results are instantaneous and last up to 3 years without washing off. MicroArt camouflages the white patches of skin so they blend right in with your regular skin tone.

MicroArt Vitiligo Camouflage can be applied to on the face, hands or elsewhere on the body. Up close, it looks like a professionally applied make-up concealer that does not wash off.

Imagine no longer worrying about your vitiligo? Or never having to use topical makeup that smudges and makes a mess? Or never having to try to conceal it with clothing? MicroArt will effectively camouflage your vitiligo in just in just four sessions.

About The Procedure

MicroArt is a proprietary technology perfected by our team of electrical engineers, cosmetic biochemists and our founder Hollywood makeup artist Tanya York. The goal was to develop a makeup that lasts for years on the skin, looks more natural than makeup and eliminates all of the unpleasant side effects of so-called permanent cosmetics. After five years of development, MicroArt is now enjoyed by thousands of people who fly in from around the world for the procedure.

There is no form of permanent cosmetics like it. MicroArt utilizes cutting-edge equipment, custom mineral-based pigments, and a system designed to ensure results so natural that no one can tell you are wearing anything.

How is MicroArt Vitiligo Camouflage Applied?

A natural mineral-based pigment is deposited into the white areas of the skin using proprietary equipment that houses a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the dermal layers of the skin depositing pigment into the skin until the desired color is achieved.

The MicroArt technician evaluates the skin at the beginning of each session and chooses or custom blends a color to best match your natural skin tone.

A minimum of four sessions are needed on each area to achieve the final results. Each session is scheduled three weeks apart.

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What can I expect after each session?

There will be some temporary swelling and redness right after your treatment and the skin will be a little dry. This may take several days to disappear depending on which area of the body, how much pigment is applied and the general health of the skin. You will see the results right away as the pigment settles into the skin.

Right after your procedure, the color will appear stronger compared with how it will ultimately look. Within a few days, the skin will start to slightly exfoliate and the color will lighten to become the intended shade.  For vitiligo sufferers, the results are life changing.

No makeup should be worn on the newly pigmented skin for seven days after each session.

Why Do I Need Multiple Sessions?

Multiple sessions are needed in order to seamlessly match the color. During each session, pigment is blended into the skin in layers. Because some of the pigment exfoliates after each session, a series of sessions are necessary to build the color back into the skin and completely match your skin color.

What Does MicroArt Vitiligo Camouflage Cost?

The MicroArt™ Vitiligo Camouflage costs $2,500 per procedure. Each procedure includes four one-hour sessions and can camouflage up to 25 square inches (5 inches x 5 inches) of skin. Each session is scheduled 3 weeks apart. The price includes the after-care products.

After the initial four sessions have been completed, the color is evaluated to see if additional touch-up sessions are required. The cost for touch-up sessions are only $500 per one-hour session, and are rarely needed.

For larger or additional areas of vitiligo, multiple procedures can be purchased.

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